Shelly Meadows

Shelly Meadows: Partner

A Trailblazer in Professional Services

With over two decades of experience in the professional services environment, Shelly rose to the executive level as a director, with a breadth of expertise in regulatory compliance, risk management, and corporate restructuring with extensive experience developing, leading, and facilitating national and local training programs in a professional setting. Shelly is a certified Human Resources Professional, a Certified Psychological Health & Safety Advisor, and a Chartered Professional Accountant with a Master's in business administration. Driven by a desire for positive and meaningful impact, she now empowers organizations as a speaker, facilitator, and consultant.

Shelly believes in the vital collaboration between employers and employees to create safe, productive, and socially responsible work environments. When she's not leading the charge, Shelly enjoys sailing, squash, live theatre, and spreading random acts of kindness.

Together, Shelly and Martin are committed to transforming workplaces into thriving ecosystems. Join them on a journey of growth, inspiration, and the pursuit of excellence.