Navigation Consulting & Training (NavCT) was founded by Martin Franchi and Shelly Meadows to support healthy work environments as a business imperative for organizational success through strategic HR consulting, training & development, and workplace harassment investigations.

Fostering and maintaining a healthy work environment makes sound business sense, can have a positive impact on the bottom line, and can differentiate your organization from your competitors. Reduced absenteeism, lower employee turnover, improved employee engagement and productivity are some of the benefits of a business that is fully supportive of their employees as well as their health and safety concerns.

Whether you need human resources or workplace health and safety consulting to support, or supplement, your in-house resources, NavCT can partner with you to support your organization as you strive for success.

Our core belief is that society benefits from a workforce that is vibrant, healthy, and safe. Both avid sailors, Martin and Shelly know successfully navigating a course on the water is the key to winning a sailing race. Likewise, organizations must navigate through evolving HR and health & safety regulations and trends as part of your overall success. With workplace stress and mental health issues on the rise, and the advent of the #MeToo movement, these are just a few examples of specific workplace health and safety issues that organizations need to be proactive in addressing, including appropriate policies, and training, as part of a comprehensive and successful HR strategy.

At NavCT we know it can be particularly challenging to keep up with HR and health & safety requirements in a dynamic work environment, with often limited resources, so we are here to help. Policies and programs, that are the cornerstone of an effective HR and health &safety strategy, need to be updated on a regular basis and are ineffective without proper training. Training needs to be ongoing and responsive as new employees onboard and experienced employees are promoted to leadership roles.

By providing leadership and employee development opportunities we believe you not only help support your organization, but you also demonstrate an ongoing commitment to your team, and their personal development, while they are supporting the success of your organization. We see this as a win-win!

At NavCT we enjoy being part of your team. We will work with you to develop or facilitate training to suit your needs, as we recognize many organizations either do not have resources in-house to manage this successfully or choose to supplement their in-house capabilities to make training broader and more engaging.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Navigation Consulting & Training to help you navigate through your workplace HR and health and safety matters as you drive your business to new heights.