What we do

These are some of the many services we can provide your business.

Workplace Harassment Investigations

Workplace harassment allegations are not uncommon in the workplace and employers are obligated to investigate. These can be challenging situations. Whether you need an independent third party to investigate and provide a report, or you’re undertaking the investigation in-house but require advice or assistance throughout the process, we can help! We offer rates that are more competitive than hiring a lawyer.

Speaking Engagements & Facilitation

Have us speak at your corporate events, conferences, in-house training, or on panel discussions on a variety of topics (see “Training & Development”); By sharing first-hand experiences these topics can be engaging and extremely useful to organizations of any size.

Do you have your own training content but not the resources to deliver it to all your employees? Whether time is the issue, or your in-house resources find presenting to a large group too daunting, let NavCT take the in-class facilitation off your hands.

Training & Development

Whether it’s to support and develop our future leaders, promote health & safety in the workplace or organizational improvement, NavCT can develop and customize training to suit your needs. Examples include (but are not limited to):

• P.S You Need This to Thrive - Psycholgical Safety (P.S.) in the Workplace
• The Canary in the Coal Mine: Why Only Teaching Personal Resilience is the Wrong Approach
• Step 1: Harassment Complaint Received Step 2: Panic?! Workplace Investigations 101
• The importance of mental wellness in the workplace on the bottom line
• High Performer Burnout: Tales from the Dark Side
• National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace
• Mandatory employee & supervisor health & safety awareness training
• Other topics and customized content available on request

HR Consulting

As advocates for healthy work environments NavCT offers HR support where needed. Whether you’re a small organization that needs to periodically add to your HR bench strength or a larger organization looking for on-call advisory assistance or customized training or employee coaching, NavCT is here to help. Shelly is a Certified HR Professional (CHRP) with extensive leadership experience. NavCT offers:

• HR consulting (on an hourly or pre-paid volume discount rate)
• Leadership training & development (including individual or group coaching)
• Workplace health & safety assistance and consulting
• Workplace harassment investigations (third party reporting or advisory support for investigations completed in-house)
• Policy review and development

Health & Safety Consulting

NavCT can assist your Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC), or health & safety representatives, understand their requirements and how to navigate the Occupational Health and Safety Act, whether as a periodic on-call advisor or by attending your JHSC meetings. We can also assist in drafting templates and checklists to help improve and standardize your processes and documentation and offer policy and program review.

Want to make your mandatory employee & supervisor health & safety awareness training more engaging? NavCT can provide training in person to improve effectiveness and impact; Customized training (virtual or in person) by specific health & safety topic (including, but not limited to: the National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace, Mental Health, Workplace Harassment, and Workplace Harassment Investigations), can also be developed and delivered to meet your needs.

Covid-19 Assistance Returning to Work

Do you need assistance with your organization’s return to work policies and protocols as we continue to progress to the next phase of reopening? Whether it’s working collaboratively documenting, brainstorming, coaching, sharing best practices, a top-level review of your plan to help keep you on track to reopening, or training your employees on the new policies and practices, at NavCT we can help navigate this challenging time.

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