Martin Franchi

Martin Franchi: Partner

Champion of Workplace Health & Safety

Martin's positive energy and extensive experience make him a sought-after facilitator for certified workplace health and safety courses. For over a decade, he has excelled in navigating the intricacies of the Occupational Health & Safety Act, leveraging his knowledge to cultivate healthier work environments and reduce stress and he is also a Certified Psychological Health & Safety Advisor. Martin's expertise extends to unionized environments and the retail food industry, equipping him with a unique perspective. As a seasoned entrepreneur, he understands the challenges of running a business firsthand.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Martin expresses his creative side as a Master's-educated fine arts photographer. Cycling and sailing fueling his adventurous spirit.

Together, Shelly and Martin are committed to transforming workplaces into thriving ecosystems. Join them on a journey of growth, inspiration, and the pursuit of excellence.