Covid-19 - Transitioning to the New Normal - What does it Mean for Workplace Health & Safety?

It’s now been a few months of persistent change as we’ve all had to adjust to new realities of life during a global pandemic. Working from home, not working at all, working while balancing childcare or elder care are just some of the challenges experienced. Stress, anxiety, and fatigue related to the uncertainties we’ve been facing are some of the feelings we each may have had as we’ve been learning to cope through an unprecedented time. Business uncertainties abound as we don’t yet know for certain what the economic outlook will be as we turn the corner and it is possible there may be a second wave or even other similar pandemics in the future.

What’s on the horizon, and what does it mean for workplace health and safety? In our Challenge and Change series we will explore various workplace health and safety topics that arise out of a global pandemic. In transitioning to the New Normal Part 1 we highlighted some of the workplace health and safety measures organizations will need to consider as we begin our gradual return to the workplace.

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